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We are proud to provide the highest quality dental care available. Our top priority is to help our valued patients retain their teeth healthy and beautiful for lifetime. Each patient receives all the attention and time necessary to address his or her unique problems.  We measure our success in terms of patient satisfaction.


Our office offers relaxing atmosphere to make each visit with us an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to provide high quality dental care while putting you in the most comfortable setting possible. Our facility is super clean, and each treatment room plays relaxing videos with soothing music.


Our office meets and surpasses all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards. We are confident that you will feel right at home in our office as we welcome all patients as if they were our family.

Some of Our Services:

  • Dental Emergencies

  • Preventive & Restorative Care

  • Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Porcelain Veneers

  • Implants and Bone Grafting

  • Dental Crowns & Bridges

  • Root Canal Treatment

  • White Fillings

  • Dentures

  • Nightguards

Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth Restorations
Implants and
Bone Grafting


"Dr Steczko is highly experienced in all manner of dental care. After all these years, my family and I would not think of trusting any other dentist with the health of our mouth and teeth. Dr. Steczko is the cream of the crop when it comes to professional dental health."

Mario, Peter & Emilia

"Thank you for your gentleness. I am very happy with the beautiful work you've done.  But I am more impressed with your concern, kindeness, and comforting way you did the work.  May God bless you and your prescious hands."

"Great Dentist with great practice. I have been going to Dr. Ted for the last 16 years. His is the only dentist that I was not afraid to go to for some reason. Very clean office with relaxing atmosphere. His products last for a while while other dentists dissolve. Tvs all over the office to make you calm down. Great pricing and very professional. Great every time."

“An excellent service, clean office, modern technology, and never had to redo a job.”






Dental Implants


Dental implants are a permanent and appealing solution to replace missing or extracted teeth. They are better than other alternatives like bridges because no additional teeth need to be altered to place the new tooth.

The entire implant process is performed over the course of a few months. The first part of the process is to insert the implant itself, where a screw is placed into the jaw bone. An incision is made in the gum so that the implant can be installed. Multiple implants can be placed at once if necessary. After the implants are placed, the gums are sutured.

The implant must be allowed  to heal for about 3-6 months. During this time the jaw bone will form around the implant in a process called osseointegration. Temporary crowns may be made so that you can maintain  proper aesthetic appearance.

After the implant has healed, an impression of the implant area is taken to create your permanent restoration.  Once the restoration is completed you can return to the office to attach the restoration permanently. Your smile will look just like it used to, and after a short period of getting used to the implant it will feel just like one of your own teeth.  

Bone grafting may be a necessary procedure when the jawbone is too narrow to successfully place a dental implant.  The bone grafting materials may be autogenic (your own bone), allogenic (from cadavers) , xenogenic (from animals), or synthetic.  

Dental Crowns


Over time our teeth begin to weaken and become more susceptible to problems such as decay, cracks, or discoloration. If you feel your smile isn’t what it once was, crowns can help you recover your smile. If your dentist notices that a tooth is decayed or cracked, a crown may be necessary to make sure that there are no additional problems with the tooth. In such cases a filling, bonding or veneer may not be enough.

Installing a crown takes 2-3 visits to the dentist. On the first visit the tooth will be reshaped by filing down the enamel so that the crown can be placed over it. A local anesthetic is administered before  this procedure so that you do not experience any discomfort. Once the tooth has been reshaped, an impression that tooth and the surrounding teeth will be taken. This mold will be sent to a dental lab so that your new crown can be made.  Your dentist will fit you with a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready.

After your crown is made you will return to your dentist to insert the permanent crown. You will again have a local anesthetic to numb the area and the tooth will be placed using a cement to ensure the tooth sets in place. When you look in the mirror, you will see your old smile back. Crowns are durable and will usually last about 10-15 years. You should care for it as you would any of your other teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Call us today if you would like to learn more about how crowns can help restore your smile.

Preventive Care


Preventive care is essential not only for your dental health; it is also important to your overall well-being. It is important for preserving your teeth, and the supporting bone structure, and for preventing the onset of dental decay, or periodontal disease.


Routine dental exams, and professional teeth cleanings, in addition to your good homecare regimen, are essential part of preventive health program. It is important to identify and treat problems early in order to avoid major problems and treatment costs later on.

Emergency Dentistry


Dental emergencies usually occur when patients avoid routine dental exams and professional teeth cleanings for extended periods of time.   Pain, swelling, or bleeding

gums are a sign of a major problem and motivate the patient to visit the dentist immediately.   In case of an emergency we will accommodate you the same day.

Cosmetic Dentistry


We focus on cosmetic aspect of dental care, and offer many procedures to improve your smile. We offer teeth whitening, bonding, and veneers. We use only white filling materials in our office.

Root Canal Therapy


Endodontic treatment involves is performed  when a tooth becomes infected.  The infected nerves need to be removed, and  the canals must be cleaned and sealed. If left untreated an infection can lead to an abscess, which will cause a bone loss in the jaw.

The area around the tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic to start the procedure. The dentist will then drill down into the tooth to create an opening into the canal. They will then be able to remove infected tissue and clean the canal. After the infection has been removed, the space if filled with a sealant called gutta percha. It is highly recommended that a tooth that has undergone a root canal is fitted with a crown. This will improve the appearance of the tooth, and will also make it much more likely that the root canal is successful.

Orthodontic Treatment


Teeth that are not aligned properly in your mouth create a condition called malocclusion.   Malocclusion  can cause significant stress  on teeth and jaws, and can lead to premature wear of teeth. Misaligned teeth can also lead to periodontal disease as it is harder to properly brush and floss crooked teeth.  Having straight, healthy teeth can also boost your confidence.  Invisalign might be the perfect choice for adults to straighten their teeth.





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